Potential Wilderness in Vyzhnitsky National Nature Park, Ukraine

Despite the political turmoil Ukrainians are continuing to strengthening their dedication to Wilderness. The Vizhnitsky  National Nature Park confirmed its interest to join the  European Wilderness Network and contribute with 2 153 ha of high quality Wilderness.

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The National Nature Park was created in 1995. The current size is 11 238 hectares with strictly protected Wilderness zone. The park and particularly the Wilderness zone represent one of the finest example of a lowland area of the Bukovina Carpathians. Almost 95% territory of the park is covered by mixed forests with beech, fir, hornbeam and other species. The range of absolute altitude marks varies from 340 up to1013 m above sea level.

Every season is captivating and mysterious. Visitors can experience the magic of magnificent fir trees and see a variety of plants growing in the mountain valleys. The evergreen firs are mixed with sturdy beeches. Cascading mountain streams and clamorous waterfalls echoe in this corner of the Carpathian Mountains. A short visit to this area confirms it’s uniqueness of this part of the Carpathian with an astonishing and unique beauty.

The next step in this process is a European Wilderness Quality Standard Quick-Audit.

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