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#RestoreNature! Take action today!

Almost one year ago we already expressed our support to the initiative of introduction of the new EU Nature Restoration Law.

But now the adoption of this law is again under threat. Therefore urgent actions should be taken by each of us!

The Law was rejected!

On 23 and 24 of May the AGRI (Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development) and PECH (Committee on Fisheries) rejected the EU Nature Restoration Law. The ENVI (Environment Committee) will vote on the 15th of June, but it doesn´t look very promising. Therefore, support is urgently needed.

Why is the Law important?

The Nature Restoration Law aims to restore ecosystems, habitats and species across the EU’s land and sea areas in order to:

  • enable the long-term and sustained recovery of biodiverse and resilient nature
  • contribute to achieving the EU’s climate mitigation and climate adaptation objectives meet international commitments.

The Law shall bring back nature to all ecosystems, including forests, agricultural land, urban and freshwater ecosystems. It will also support increase of pollinator populations!

It will support humans live-hood!

What can you do?

Join the initiative #RestoreNature, supported by almost 81 000 Europeans and over 200 NGOs, proposing an easy algorithm to approach decision-makers to adopt Nature Restoration Law for the future of our nature and us. Just share your support to NATURE!

Here is one of the experts quotes :

Agriculture isn’t separate to nature – it relies on it. Today’s outcome shows that the Committee has either not fully grasped this, or chosen to ignore it. For the agricultural sector to survive, we need a healthy and resilient environment. Current restoration efforts are clearly inadequate to tackle the twin climate and biodiversity crisis – the point is to expand them. The Nature Restoration Law is an opportunity to take transformative action, but the Committee is squandering it. Today’s rejection of the Nature Restoration Law jeopardises the future of nature in the EU and is a reckless refusal to safeguard the EU’s agricultural sector and align it with the global biodiversity targets that the EU agreed to in Montreal last year.

Ioannis Agapakis, nature conservation lawyer at ClientEarth,
Nature conservation lawyer at ClientEarth

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