Support creation of Peatbog Landscape Reserve in Ukraine

Local activists are calling green-conscious citizens of Ukraine to support the petition for creation of Reserve near Lviv city, Western Ukraine. They also provide arguments of reserve creation benefits. First of all, on this territory there are plants and animals, listed in the Red Book or protected by international conventions (42 rare plants and 25 rare animal species). Therefore, it is also interesting place not only for protection and research, but also for excursions and walks. Secondly, streams of the peat bog are valuable for city life. Creation of nature reserves will allow devoting funds for conservation and cleaning. Thirdly, peat bog plays an important role for sanitary of the city, because peat absorbs harmful substances. In addition, Reserve is protection buffer against harmful emissions produced by railroad depot and asphalt plant for to surrounding massifs.

Creation of nature reserves has already been approved the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources of Ukraine. Today necessary procedural issues of Reserve creation, namely,  approval of borders and revitalization area plan are under submission of Regional Department of Ecology. Department works in cooperation with scientists, who developed feasibility study of reserve creation. Proposed Reserve area is 119,6 ha.

For the moment, 506 voices are already collected (required minimum is 500)! In four days petition signature collection will be closed and it seems that the Reserve of State importance will appear.

European Wilderness Society expresses its support to the creation of the  Landscape Reserve “Peatbog Bilogorshcha” (“Torfovyshche Bilogorshcha”) in Ukraine.

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