Carpathians Wilderness deserves our protection!

On March 31, 2014 in our post ‘The last roadless valley in Slovakian Carpathians Mountains’ we informed about the unique piece of Carpathian Wilderness located in the Tatra NP, Slovakia!

Jalovecka Valley is the last large unfragmented piece of Carpathian Wilderness with almost any visible human intervention. Inaccessibility and missing access road for the last 40 years allowed Mother Nature to do its jobs. The valley is offering an excellent example that remarkable piece of Wilderness can survive right in the middle of Europe.

The strong windstorm hit northern part of Slovakia on May 15th 2014, (and so Tatra Mountains) up-rooted hundreds and hundreds of trees also in Jalovecka Valley. Because of private land property the complex discussion is under way and valley is again threatened with intention to construct a forest road/s and clean up the broken trees.

European Wilderness Society is already for several years in close contact with people behind the idea to protect this part of Tatra NP and supports them wherever possible. We will continue on this cooperation and keep eye on the future of this remarkable piece of Wilderness and continue to inform our readers about further development.

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