Forest Management Assessment in Ukrainian Carpathians

Representative of the European Wilderness Society, Deputy Chairman, Vlado Vancura become a member of the field Forest Management Assessment of Ukrainian Carpathians, conducted within Forest Watch Project directed by WWF Danube Carpathian Programme Office in Vienna.

He spend five days in field together with a team of Ukrainian experts from WWF Ukraine, Ukrainian National Forestry University, and other forest research institutions. This team of experts carry out the field assessment with a focus on forest health evaluation, potential of spontaneous forest regeneration, quality of timber production and implementation of various forest monitoring concepts.

This work is very highly needed due to the lesson learn that forest become a subject of a strong commercial interest in the former communist countries such as Romania or Slovakia with potential negative impact not only on Wilderness and biodiversity but also on traditional sound forest management in these countries. Situation is very urgent because there are already serious signals that something similar might be already happening. Intention of this assessments is to prevent negative impact of commercial forestry on forest and improve protection of unique sites in the Ukrainian Carpathians !



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