Support the protection of wolf in Sweden

The attention of our Society was called to the proposal to issue hunting licenses of wolf killing in Sweden.

The Wolf Association Sweden started a petition to protest against the proposal which is also against the EU directives. Here comes a short quote from the Association:

Wolf Association Sweden (WAS) is dismayed about how the Swedish EPA completely neglect decisions taken by EU and now make the decision to have a licensed hunting season.  Even though it´s against what EU´s environmentally Commission has imposed Sweden to do.

It has been decided that the licensed hunting season will begin January 2 and continue until February 15, 2015. The wolf quota will be decided regionally by the prefectures.

4 thoughts on “Support the protection of wolf in Sweden

  • I am in complete support of protecting wolves in Sweden. The value of wolves to ecosystems is well established. They also potentially have a tourism value. The wolf population in Sweden is quite small and still in need of protection. I hope the Swedes will do more to protect this amazing species.

  • Hi,
    It is our lack of understanding the interactions between the flora and fauna that is often the cause of even more interventions. The study how wolves change the flow of rivers in Yellowstone is a classical example.

  • Europeans also still experience this kind of contradictory management approach – to hunt Wolves for the favor of another animal without considering complexity of nature and importance of carnivores (wolfs, bears, lynx, etc). To change this is a long process which need many supporters…

  • Please do all in your power to protect wolves. Here in my country, the USA, they have recently discovered how essential wolves are in the balance of nature. Wolves remove the weak animals from herds, thus strengthening other species. Sadly, wolf hunts are/were held here to protect elk herds from wolves. Without the wolves, the elk grew in number and now the government is killing off the elk. Let nature be and do not kill wildlife.

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