Wolf killed and skinned in Italy – again!!!

While Italy is debating a new Wolf legislation which may permit the culling of wolves, a wolf was found decapitated and skinned just outside the medieval ridge-top village of Pitigliano in Tuscany.This was not the first wolf killed and found in this region as a statement against the return of wolves.

The wolf was saved from extinction with the support of millions of Euros from EU projects and now Wolf packs are present throughout the Apennines. We reported about the treck of a Slovenian wolf all the way through Austria into the north of Italy as well. Nevertheless, hunters associations in combinations with farmers are often lobbying for a wolf to be killed.

The European Wilderness Society is calling for a continued protection of the wolf without culling or any other exception. The wolf is needed to restore the equilibrium in our ecosystems, an equilibrium that was destroyed by our intervention and which cannot be restored though hunting regimes and wildlife management plans.

More information plus petitions against wolves killed can be found on our joint European Wilderness Society and Eliante

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