The wolf is back in Luxembourg!

It is now official, the wolf has returned to Luxembourg. The Ministry of Sustainable Development & Infrastructure and the Ministry of Nature & Forest administration released that in a statement today. Genetic analysis confirmed that a wolf killed eight sheep last July. German scientists performed the analysis, results show that the wolf originated form the wolf population in the Alps. Other wolves from that population have already been recorded in France and Germany.

The first in 124 years

The last wolves lived in Luxembourg in 1893.  With this confirmation, we can add another country to the list of current wolf habitats. However, the government cannot confirm whether the wolf is still in Luxembourg. The wolf might have wandered off to the next country. Following the Action and Management Plan for wolves in Luxembourg, the state compensates the sheep owner fully for his loss, now that the wolf is confirmed.

Let’s hope that the wolf finds a good place to settle down. Proper herd protection will be necessary to protect livestock from further incidents. Our handbook on herd protection, which we are currently working on, will thus be needed more than ever.

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One thought on “The wolf is back in Luxembourg!

  • Great!
    Really pleased that the magnificent forest regions of Luxembourg are gradually returning to a useful habitat.

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