Human or wolf? Who’s the better hunter?

If you ask the CEO of the hunter’s foundation Nature+Human, Mr. Marc Henrichmann, this is the answer you will get.
Asking yourself why? Here is his explanation:

Please also read our German version of this post!

„Wolves need serveral kilograms of meat every day, that means that they have to go on a hunt in our forests every single day. And this in a way which is of course not that professional and sustainable as we hunters are. Because we are not roaming hungry through our territorries but with lots of know-how and the goal to foster and care for. In this respect the answer to this question is obvious.“ (cited from the interview in Blickpunkt, Mittwoch, 22.04.2015)

Ignorance is a blessing to the uninformed. The wolf hunts effective and keeps its prey healthy and aware since tens of thousands of years and that without high tech aids, compensating for the hunters weaknesses. By the way: wolves can go without food 10 days and longer. Can the german hunter do so? 1,151 356 roe deer only were hunted in 2013/14 in Germany …

2 thoughts on “Human or wolf? Who’s the better hunter?

  • Wolves are “NATURAL HUNTERS”, “God designed” them that way. Humans are not hunters, they are CROOKED CHEATERS who USED OTHER MAN MADE OBJECTS TO KILL !!!. Humans can’t hunt much of ANYTHING with his own TWO HANDS, TWO LEGS, AND two petty canine teeth, and can’t eat the MEAT RAW NEITHER, probably will get sick from the E. COLI,. I bet you $100 that the hunter cannot even HUNT DOWN A LITTLE RAT !!!!, i BET YOU THE RAT WILL OUT RUN THE HUNTER !!!!! But I bet you another $100, that the hunter can with 100% success, managed to PICKED A BUNCH OF RASPBERRY.

  • I did not know that hunters kill only oldest, weakest and diseased animals…
    I did not know about lot of know-how of hunters and ignorance of wolves…
    Wolves kill because are hungry, yes of course… but if hunters are not hungry, why they kill?
    I have another interesting (or worrying) news: here in Northern-Apennines lobbies of hunters would cull wolves to protect mushroom collectors…

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