Sustainable Tourism

Wanderlust and Wilderness

With the aim of protecting and respecting Wilderness, can we afford travelling to remote areas to get the true Wilderness experience? How are nature lovers supposed to understand the true essence of wild nature they are seeking whilst also being conscientious?

Challenges of nature tourism

There are many people who care about the environment but also want to see the world. The wish to visit remote, biodiversity-rich areas, the excitement of the unknown and the possibility of discovery are common ones of mankind. Today’s general travel industry builds on this inner wanderlust. It promotes pristine beaches and tropical rainforests, of snow-capped mountains and many more. But with the international tourism numbers, pure Wilderness is not what most tourists will find at their destinations.

Nature tourism provides an alternative of limiting endangering our last valuable and fragile natural sites. However, even nature tourism doesn’t come without challenges. To minimise visitor pressure, key nature tourism principles as well as ‘Respect Nature’ must be followed.

Tourism Slovenský raj National Park
Tourism Slovenský raj National Park

Wildlife watching

Wildlife observation is very attractive and very often the top tourism product offered by travel companies. More travelers than ever are heading to the pristine locations to get closer to wildlife. But there is growing concern regarding the area’s preservation, and that’s particularly true when it comes to wildlife. The number of nature lovers who aren’t sure how to interact with the region’s fauna safely is escalating.

Trulik Travel provides nature trips in the most beautiful corners of Northern Slovakia. Through having thorough knowledge on botany, ornithology, mycology, large carnivores and many more both in German and Slovakian, participants can enjoy tours that focus on mitigating human harm on nature. Visiting Slovakia through nature tours is the best way to acquire knowledge and understanding of the natural surroundings through the eyes of a nature expert. Trulik Travel uses extensive wildlife monitoring to provide an insight into the mysterious life of wild animals. By installing camera traps in areas along the tour paths, even some spectacular night-shots can often be seen. The most beautiful pictures from the company archive are provided to the participants as a gift. All this is part of the peculiarities that make traveling in Northern Slovakia with under expert guidance worthwhile.

Initiatives that promote nature tourism while keeping in mind preserving and protecting Wilderness have thankfully been increasing. These tours that place biodiversity conservation at the top of their agenda are the most sustainable way to experience Wilderness.

At the European Wilderness Academy Days in May 2019, you can hear several presentations about Wilderness, visitor management, and wildlife. This is a 3-day Wilderness conference set in the Biosphere Reserve Lungau. For the full schedule and to register, click here.

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