Why do people love wolves?

Having read the growing number of comments on our blog about wolves,  I get a feeling that an increasing number of people in Europe love wolves. So that started me thinking to do some research about peoples attitudes and feelings about wolves. Most of the information came from North America, but interestingly also from Europe. My conclusion is that wolves are not considered as the bloodthirsty, cruel animal as we know from the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood anymore but are considered an important part of a healthy ecosystem and our natural heritage.

Here are several examples that are worth reading:

  1. Environmental event “Wolves talk” in Lithuania capital Vilnius.
    In the Lithuanian capital Vilnius a few years ago an environmental event named “Wolves talk” took place. In the public event  30 life-size mock-ups Wolves were placed on the main square and passed their message to citizens. In such unexpected way, the NGO “Baltijos vilkas” (Baltic wolf) aimed to increase people’s knowledge about the wolf, reduce the polarization resulting from lack of understanding. And, most importantly, encouraged to solve problems in a peaceful and sustainable way, turning conflicts into coexistence.
  2. How people answered question: Why do we like wolves so much?
    • People’s fixation with wolves is centered around the fact that they are viewed as the only living animals that are truly “wild”.
    • In many ways the social structure of a wolf pack is similar to that of humans. Wolves are naturally social (preferring to live in family packs), but occasionally live alone or in pairs.
    • Wolves amazed me, too, ever since; sharp, slanting eyes, keen smell, graceful movements, long poignant howls on a full moon, hunting packs, gorgeous lovers, etc.
  3. Some of the top reasons of people for loving wolves is based upon the results of voting organized by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in celebration of the fact that the topic of wolf conservation will soon be brought to a larger stage. Voting focused on why do we love wolves and why knowledge of their conservation is important. Here is a short selection:
    • Humans are not on their menu.
    • Wolves are a lot like us.
    • We owe them.
    • Wolves are a keystone species.
    • Wolves are good for the economy.
    • Wolves connect us to our primal selves, etc.

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