First Wilderness Audit in Ukraine 27 April – 6 May 2014

A team of three European Wilderness Society Wilderness experts will visit between April 27 and May 6 the Zacharovanyy Kray National Park . During this trip a detailed and thorough European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit will be under taken. During these 10 days the verifier team will ask ‘thousands’ of questions, review legal documents, question the management team and train the local management in Wilderness management principles. And not only that! They will pick up bags, tents and sleeping bags and will spend several days right in the middle of the Wilderness area. The combination of the desk and field work will show Europe that the Ukrainian Wilderness is important to us all.

In addition it is strong message to us that even a war torn country economically struggling is valuing its nature and especially Wilderness regardless of the challenges and difficulties. It is just another example in the struggle by Ukrainians for independence and “returning Ukraine to where it belongs – the European home

explains Vlado Vancura, Director Wilderness Development, from European Wilderness Society.

The situation in Ukraine remains critical, and in light of the daily struggle, protection of Wilderness and nature conservation obviously may seem for some not priority at all. However, the opposite is truth.

The National Park “Zacharovanyy Kray” was established in 2009 at the territory of Irshava district of Zakarpattya region of Ukraine…

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