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Nature deserves our respect!

Yesterday was a special day here in the Lungau. For a whole day, a group of local school children explore the topic of how to behave in nature and had the chance to put their knowledge to the test. They also visited various locations in the region that have been impacted by humans and learnt about EU-funded projects that support local nature protection initiatives. Part of this day was a special workshop, one of the so-called Citizens Engagement Activities, supported by Interreg Volunteer Youth.

How to be respectfully wild

Joined by the participants of the Erasmus+ Youth Green Conference, the day was full of interesting talks, thrilling challenges, cheerful shouts, screams of laughter and euphoria. The weather supported the program in a perfect way. Participants spent the day outside, where they went through the basic principles of how to behave respectfully in nature. They mastered the basics: how to plan a trip, read a hiking map, pack a backpack, read signs and use a compass. They also discussed the rules of wild camping, what to do with personal waste and the important elements of a good first aid kit. There are various examples of how human behavior tailored the environment. Therefore locals had the chance to learn about various projects funded by the Cohesion policy, that aim to reduce our ecological footprint and make a positive impact.

The day was full of wildness. Situated in an adventure park, all the children had the chance to go bold and wild. Climbing walls, monster swings and ziplines were not a barrier to them. They successfully passed the test. Quickly building a tent, efficiently packing a backpack and learning how to improvise a stretcher with hiking sticks and a jacket. The Citizens Engagement Activity Day ended with a cozy campfire, accompanied by pleasant chats.

Take a look at the video of the event:

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