The Wolf in the alpine cultural landscape – Conference and Exhibition

The Wolf in the alpine cultural landscape

The presence of the wolf in Alps over the past twenty years is a reality which had important effects in ecological and socio-economic contexts. Since the first sightings of the wolf in the early 90s, the Piedmont Region has developed a monitoring and research program on the wolf natural re-colonization of the Alps to collect the technical data necessary for the management of this situation and its impact on economic activities.

International Conference and Exhibition – The Wolf in the alpine cultural landscape – chances and challenges, is just another activity connected to this subject.

This International Conference and Exhibition will be held on the 16th – 18th of May 2017 in Sölk, Sölktäler Nature Park (Styria – Austria) will have the following programme:

16th of May – Exhibition  The comeback of the wolf in the castle of Großsölk
17th of May – Conference Day and public event
18th of May – Workshops and excursion

The meeting will allow an exchange experience between experts of the alpine countries and the alpine protected areas concerning current experiences on the management of the wolf.

This event is co-organised by SÖLKTÄLER NATURE PARK and ALPARC.

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