Wilderness in Europe conference- call for papers

In spring 2018, the University of Kassel (Germany) will organise a conference on the Wilderness in Europe. Currently, there is an open call for papers, for people who would like to present during the conference.

The Wilderness concept in central Europe has evolved further than the national park idea. It has found its way into new conservation policy strategies across Europe, such as the 2007 German Biodiversity Strategy. This has given rise to new impulses for research. Now that many results on diverse ecological aspects of Wilderness in Central Europe are available, this conference will focus on the following domains and questions:

  • Scientific justification for Wilderness in Germany
  • Which nature conservation goals does Wilderness support?
  • Which arguments can be scientifically substantiated, which facts are available?
  • How important are open-land ecosystems in Wilderness areas? What role do natural disturbances, mega-herbivors and dynamic succession processes play?
  • Which species need wildlife, and why?
  • Which habitat requirements can be derived for Wilderness areas and which potentials exist in Germany?

The deadline for submitting papers is on December 15th. Although the conference will be in German, contributions in English are more than welcome.

What: Wilderness in Europe conference – on facts, arguments and perspectives

Where: University of Kassel, Germany

When: 12.03.2018 – 14.03.2018

If you would like to attend the conference as a visitor, the registration deadline is 02.03.2018.

Please find more information here.

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