Young Ukrainian researchers care about Wilderness

Ukrainian researchers care about Wilderness.

The Ukraine is country which host population of native Carpathian carnivores.

The group of Ukrainian researchers care about Wilderness. Their research is focusing on various aspect of Large carnivores in Ukrainian Carpathian.

Researching data on this subject are extremely important to identify, designate, manage and promote Ukrainian population of large carnivores.

Researchers from Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine Maryna Shkvyria (department of vertebrate fauna and systematics) and Yegor Yakovlev (department of parasitology) together with their colleague from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Ihor Dykyy focused in their work on Brown bear in Ukraine. On historical overview of brown bears studies on Ukraine and adjoining territories, present current brown bear population and distribution patterns. Another subject of they work is human-bear relationship, population and research methods. Simultaneously in this work the team is sharing knowledge and experience collecting from surrounding countries focusing on managing the brown bear population in foreign countries. Results of their work introduced in monograph “Brown bear (Ursus arctos): problems of conservation and studying of population in Ukraine” with P. Khoetcky, I. Delehan, I. Skilskyy, A.-T. Bashta, M. Lushchak, Ye. Ulyura, C. Bautista, L. Potish, N. Koval and G. Gavrys.

Maryna Shkvyria, an Ph.D, also written another important and interesting document is named: “Human-Carnivore Conflict in Ukraine”. The document includes original findings of the author’s research and approaching a broad audience ranging from people with a great interest in nature conservation to biology. The focus of this book are large carnivores of Ukraine, such as wolf, bear and lynx.

The book raises also the issue of the human-carnivore conflict, coexistence of large carnivores and humans in a transformed habitat, and in some way serves also as a guide for preventing injuries and property damage while interacting with these wild animals.

More information about these subjects can be find here: Brown Bear in Ukraine, Human-carnivore conflict

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