1. European Wolf Festival in Spain

Europe’s 1. Wolf Festival has been announced. The FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LOBO will take place in SIERRA DE LA CULEBRA ( ESPAÑA), VILLARDECIERVOS ( Zamora) and will offer a full week of interesting and informative presentations, discussions, events, show acts and information focusing on the impact of the reemergence of wolves in Spain and most notably in the Pyrennes.

There are already more than 2000 wolves in Spain and this requires a more thorough understanding of wolves. Communication is key when it comes to improving the understanding why the wolf plays a vital and critical role in the ecological system.

1. European Wolf Festival

Several international wolf experts from across Europe will present best practice examples showcasing how all stakeholders can benefit from the wolf population in Spain and present experiences from other European countries with wolf population. In addition, they will focus on the importance of wolves as a main carnivore on Wilderness and ecological systems.

If you are interested to attend the 1. European Wolf Festival in Spain, please visit their website. As a supporter of this event, we will also inform you regularly about the event.

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