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Natura 2000 management – sharing information and good practices

Natura 2000 management – sharing information and good practices

The Natura 2000 management – sharing information and good practices Workshop took place from 25th – 28th of March 2014 in Alba-Iulia, Romania.

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Presentations of protected areas and hot topics were:

  • Presentation of Natura 2000 Site ROSCI 0104 Lower River Meadow of Crișul Repede – Andrei Togor, APS Aqua Crisius
  • ROSCI 0058 God’s hill, Iași country – Raluca Elena Alexe, Oana Elena Hapciuc, Help People and Nature Association
  • Protected areas on the Lower River Tur – management issues – Szabó Anna, Transylvanian Carpathian Society Satu Mare
  • Vrachanski Balkan Nature park and Natura 2000 – overview and conservation activities – Olya Genova, Georgi Antonov, Vrachanski Balkan Natural Park Administration
  • Grădiștea Muncelului-Cioclovina Natural Park – now and future perspectives – Elena Alina Rovină, Cătălina
  • Ioana DRĂGOI, Grădiștea Muncelului-Cioclovina Natural Park Administration
  • Integrated management of ROSCI0085 Frumoasa and ROSPA0043 Frumoasa sites – Andreea Ciobanu,
  • The Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal Nature Park and its Natura 2000 Sites – Thuringia/ Germany- Johannes Hager, Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal Natural Park Administratio
  • Retezat National Park – Blue eyed fairyland – Acimov Zoran, Claudia Danau, Retezat National Park Administration
  • Măgurile Băiței protected area – Alexandru Cornel, Romanian Alpine Club section Deva
  • ROSCI0119 Muntele Mare protected area – Anghel Drașovean, CETM Albamont
  • Homoroadelor Hill – Bedő Oliver, Ocolul Silvic Privat Baraolt și Cătălin Cantor, Carpaterra Association Protected areas managed by Environmental Protection Agency of Timis – Ileana Pîrje, Nicoleta Table, Environmental Protection Agency of Timis
  • Munții Rodnei National Park – Claudiu Iușan, Timoftei Filipoiu, Szollosi Edina Szidonia, Munții Rodnei National Park Administration
  • ROSCI0374 Râul Negru protected area – Anamaria Lazăr, Cătălin Lazăr, Association for Sustainable Community Development Alutus
  • Natura 2000 Trascău sites – Lucian Macaveiu, Natura 2000 Trascău Administration
  • Protected areas managed by Biounivers Association – Nicolae Oprica, Biounivers Association

NATURA 2000 & European Wilderness Network – Vlado Vancura, European Wilderness

Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Developing Ecotourism Destinations – Max A.E. Rossberg, European Wilderness Society

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