Sustainable Tourism

Ecological tourism Conference

The 3rd European Ecotourism Conference took place yesterday and today in Jachranka, Poland, convening over 180 ecotourism experts from all over Europe.
Michael Meyer, representing Ecological Tourism in Europe and the European Wilderness Society, gave the entry presentation on principles of ecotourism and its importance for conservation of biodiversity. Among the speakers were Mary Mulvey (Ecotourism Ireland), Anna Pollock (Conscious Travel, UK), Jeppe Klockareson (Fair Travel, Sweden), Chris Miles (Hellenic Ecotourism Society, Greece), Aivar Ruukel (Estonian Ecotourism Association), Karolina Likhtarovich (Greenways Poland) and Rafal Kurczewski.
The participants concluded that, among other issues, the protection of protected areas and Wilderness in Europe, which builds the most important foundation for ecotourism, must be a priority.

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