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Svydovets report published!

On June 18th 2019 the report ‘SVYDOVETS CASE: How oligarchs are planning to destroy one of Ukraine’s most pristine natural landscapes‘ was presented in Kyiv. This report describes the issue of the huge ski resort construction in Ukrainian Carpathians. It is now published and available to read!

The Report

The report is based on the research done between June 2018 and June 2019 by the Bruno Manser Fonds from Switzerland. The collaboration with the European Cooperative Longo mai and the Free Svydovets Group made it possible and the European Wilderness Society also contributed in the process.

Competent authorities are developing the project in a totally non-transparent manner, having a complete disregard for the Ukrainian law on public information.

Svydovets case Report

Skorzonera and its beneficiaries

According to the Tyachiv District Administration Skorzonera company is behind the Svydovets project.

The company is currently the object of ongoing investigations by Ukrainian authorities concerning the suspected misappropriation of state funds. The beneficial owner of Skorzonera and thus the main investor behind the Svydovets project is Igor Kolomoisky. He is one of Ukraine’s most controversial oligarchs. His business partner Gennady Bogolyubov is also a beneficial owner.

Report recommendations are:

  • Reject the detailed plan of territory for the Svydovets ski resort project
  • Protect the Svydovets massif through a comprehensive framework
  • Identify alternative models of development together with the local

We hope Ukrainian authorities and community will make an appropriate decission, which will save the unique Svydovets massif, but also improve the livelihood of the local comminity.

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Iryna Shchoka
European Wilderness Society

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