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Webinar 9th July 15:00 CET Tourism in Wilderness

Wilderness and protected areas are facing challenges with visitors and tourism, as more and more people are interested in seeing and experiencing the wild. However, a visitor and recreation plan is required in order to reduce human impact. During our online training course ‘Tourism and Waste management in Protected Areas’ held over the course of May and June, we dedicated a session focusing on tourism management in protected areas. In course of the following webinar ‘Tourism in Wilderness’, we will focus on Wilderness and provide an opportunity to learn about adequate tourism management in Wilderness, that allows to experience solitude and a sense of Wilderness and at the same time aims to minimise human disturbance and modification.

This webinar is a part of our series on Wilderness-related topics, offered through the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy. Webinars, on the History of Wilderness, the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System, Wilderness in Europe’s North, Wilderness in Central and Southern Europe and Wilderness in Ukraine were a great success.

The webinar will be held in English over the Zoom platform and is free of charge. Our webinars are interactive, enabling you to ask questions and take part in discussion. They are free to join from anywhere in the world, you only need a PC, Laptop or Smartphone and internet connection.

For detailed information about this webinar as well as future webinars hosted by the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy, click here.

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