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Wilderness and hunting

Wilderness and hunting – is very challenging subject for all Wilderness managers. We have published recently a text written by Kevin Cianfaglione and Antonella Giordanelli. Today we are lucky interviews additional information on this subject.

Our partner Mauro Berardi from Cooperativa Sociale Eliante Onlus, Italy is sharing his expertise and knowledge on this very challenging issue:

The business of hunting selection in Italy

The majority of Italians are against hunting, but the vast majority of them are in favour of the selection hunting on Ungulates. It’s widely believed that wild boar, deer and roe deer are too many, and that should be kept under control, for limitation damages on cultures and forests. Also because of Media pressing and farming associations press releases.

The scientific numbers say that this is more or less true. Today in Italy are estimated a number of Ungulates, probably similar to those in the Middle Ages.

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