Greetings from the wild past

Greetings from the wild past.

Village Gánovce, Slovakia is well known not only because the “1st Slovak” was found here but mainly because the discovery of the cast of the skull of a Neanderthal (Homo Neanderthalensis). Gánovce host very important archaeological place named Hrádok.

This finding is the proof that predecessors of the current people roamed this wild area. That was in time when Slovakia was one large piece of Wilderness.

The first written report about the historical village Gánovce, Slovakia is from 1317 when the village was mentioned as “Villa Gansu”. The village is situated in the southern part of the Popradská kotlina valley and there is a large area of travertine as well as mineralised wells containing carbon oxide water.

Until 2007 the site of world importance was in a desolate and neglected state. However, since then the site thanks to a group of enthusiasts and volunteers who created the non-profit organisation OZ NEANDERTHAL, this place becomes more and more attractive and better managed.

Within its limited possibilities, the OZ NEANDERTAL, together with the Gánovce municipality, Podtatranské Museum in Poprad and Tatra National Park, has done a lot of useful work.

After clearing the locality, building the entrance gate and educational boards, renovation of bus stops, fences, roads, sidewalks around the location, setting the wooden sculptures, organisation came up with an idea to build the GEOPARK Gánovce here.

Nevertheless, this place attract an interest of growing amount of people. Currently this place hosts International art symposium “ART.4G.PARK”.

This event will be held on 10. September 2016 at 3 p.m in Village Gánovce.

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