Austria opens hunt on golden jackals

Just recently, a golden jackal appeared for the first time in the East Tyrolean Pustertal. Also in South Tyrol, Upper Austria, Carinthia and Styria, golden jackals have been appearing in the past. Another four golden jackal families have settled in Burgenland. However, this is more than enough according to the provincial government of Burgenland. The province now tries to approve legislation to allow hunters to kill golden jackals between October and March.

Favourable conservation status?

The golden jackal falls under the species of community interest in the Flora and Fauna Habitats Directives. This means that hunting is only possible when there is a so-called favourable conservation status. A representative state councillor states that the golden jackal population reached this status. However, an objective assessment of the conservation status seems to be unavailable to justify the decision to start killing golden jackals in Burgenland, as is reported in the news.

However, provincial hunting associations have advocated the shooting of golden jackals for years. The main reason is that golden jackals catch hares and pheasants, young roe deer or even bigger prey, so says the representative of the hunting association.

Public opinion

The exact number that hunters can kill has still to be defined. This is also difficult as there is no official number of the current population size in the region. A public vote on whether we should kill golden jackals shows clearly what the general public thinks. Amongst the first 1000 voters 85% disagree with the statement as well.

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