Join Peter Dettling’s wolftours to Yellowstone

Nature photographer Petter Dettling invites all German speaking Wilderness advocates to a journey into the Yellowstone wolf lands in May 2019. Peter Dettling is a well-known and experienced photographer, who spend years documenting the first Swiss wolf pack. He combined all his unique footage of the famous Calanda wolf pack into a year long series. You can exclusively view some of the weekly episodes in ‘Once around the sun with the Calanda wolves’ on our website. Now you get the chance to join Peter on his next adventure into Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone wolftours – May 2019

Peter Dettling offers two exclusive wolf tours into Yellowstone National Park. This is the first and oldest National Park in the world. Many know Yellowstone as the best example on the impact of wolves on ecosystems. To understand how this can also benefit the European ecosystems, you will try to observe the wild wolves during the trip. In small groups of 3-6 people, you will not only be able to see wolves, but also an impressive diversity of other wildlife. Yellowstone is also home to the American bison, wapitis, elk, grizzlies, black bears and many more animals.

The tours will be guided in German. Find more and detailed information on the two tours in the links below.

Visit the website for more details and news. If you want to see more of Peters work in Switzerland, watch the exclusive free episodes on our website, and the rest on Peter’s homepage.

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