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Exploitation of forest in Europe is alarming

The logging pressure is increasing in Europe. The European Wilderness Society is receiving alarming messages from various corners of Europe.

For example, this message from Slovakia:

…we are people who care to stop the devastation of national parks and precious forests in Slovakia. We are horrified by the scale of harvesting of these forests in the last years…

Or this messages from Estonia:

…Estonia is lobbying in Brussels, which would result in the loss of a quarter of all forests in the country…

And the messages from Romania:

…Romania’s primeval forests in National Parks are under attack. While the EU is focusing its attention on the deforestation of the iconic Bialowieza forest in Poland, the devastation of the primeval forests in Romania continues.

Now the call is coming from Italy. A new governmental approach is enhancing opportunities to harvest wood. The government considers (strictly) protected areas and even Wilderness as waste of natural resource. Therefore, the update of the Forest Law, focusing on new logging is raising a serious concern.

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Italian new Forest Law

The Italian government is proposing a new Forest Law, which is in favour of logging and excavation of biomasses. It even proposes logging in territories of several protected areas. The government will most likely sign this law in the coming days. However, the international scientific society expressed their concern regarding the impact on the Italian natural heritage. Furthermore, the law is weakening the country’s ability to comply with the European climate change mitigation strategy.

The Forest Law allows logging on private properties, irregardless of owners’ decisions. Several Italian universities, environmental societies and politicians support this law. According to the supporters, the law presents logging in protected areas as an solution to both economical and nature conservation problems. In this case, many statements are too generic to justify everything.

Threatening exploration of forest

The exploitation pressure on forest to function as natural resource in Europe is ever growing. Consequently, legal and illegal logging both have a unified outcome. Hence, increasing pressure on the fragile fragment of forest that are scattered throughout the Europe,

said Max Rossberg, Chairman European Wilderness Society.

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