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Sweden proposed constitutional change to protect nature

It would be the first of its kind in Europe, a constitutional amendment that protects nature from humans. This is the case in Sweden, where a proposal has been made to secure the ‘Rights of Nature’. As reported online, the amendment would allow nature to exist, flourish, regenerate and evolve. Sweden would not be the first country in the world to make a constitutional change for the benefit of nature, but it would be unique in Europe.

Time for action

Leading politician for this amendment is Rebecka Le Moine, Member of the Swedish Parliament. Le Moine wants to change the societal principle that our world is based on economic growth instead of environmental health.

Now, when we’re in the beginning of an ecological and climate collapse, I hope we can re-think our relationship with Nature. And for me, it starts with admitting that Nature has rights.

Rebecka Le Moine
Member of Swedish Parliament

Across Europe, more initiatives are sprouting to give back to nature. Youth is calling for action, worldwide climate strikes take place, and Italy is about to make climate change a compulsory topic in schools. Societal change cannot be expected from one day to the next. However, with the current speed at which nature is degrading, time is running out fast. The pressure on Wilderness in Europe is increasing, as society does not see the economic benefits of these places. Protected area managers are under attack, and rangers fight for their lives. Nevertheless, we keep investing in the European Wilderness Network to protect the last wild places we have. And we will continue to identify other areas that meet the European Wilderness Quality Standard across Europe.

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