Female Grizzly bear with a cub will stay in the wild after fatal mauling of a hunter

As we are still sad about the killing of the brown bear Daniza in Trentino, an almost similar event occurred in Canada with a total different outcome for the bear.

In Kananaskis Country, Alberta Canada, a female Grizzly Bear will be left alone after she attacked and injured a hunter fatally. This decision was made by wildlife managers, conservation officers and public safety specialists, based on the key fact, that the attack was not predatory, but defensive. This decision was made in accordance to their bear management plan.

The hunter encountered the Grizzly bear sow and her cub near a deer carcass. This being the combination of the two most dangerous situations in a human-bear encounter. According to the investigation team, grizzly bear mauling are rare occurrences and should be weighed against the number of times these same bears encounter people and do nothing.

“When we recreate in areas where bears and cougars live, even though these animals are encountering people countless times and nothing happens, once in a while everything lines up for a bad situation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong animal.”

In a situation like this, we are into September, it wasn’t a great berry season this year and to be able to kill or find a dead animal this time of year is a huge thing for a bear, so they are going to be ultra defensive.”

As the only management measure so far, Alberta Parks has issued a closure for the area for the public.

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