Iberian Wolf documentary: La Emocion Del Lobo

“We do have a great responsibility, all of us, on protecting wolves” (José Ignacio Vega)

La Emocion Del Lobo is a wildlife documentary focused on the Iberian wolf. Filmed in the South of Spain, in the Despeñaperros Nature Reserve, it follows a specialist of ecotourism and wildlife issues, as well as his team, through his doctoral researches on Wolves in the Andalousian area. José Ignacio Vega takes us on a journey from where a new aspect of wolves is shown : Far beyond the sacred values attributed to wolves, this documentary gives us an insight of the meaning on wolves presence on the territory and the several opportunities for the local people, the area as well as for the wolves.

Not only offering us breathtaking sceneries, this genuine and sensitive project will also bring a new understanding on this legendary animal and hopefully, a new step forward wild areas protection and wolves conservation in Europe. José Ignacio Vega is a well-known speaker on environmental issues and has collaborated with the European Wilderness Society in 2014 and has, since then, remained a close friend and active project conservation Partner.

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