First golden jackals arrived in France

We know by now, that the golden jackal is an effective coloniser. Only last week, records from Austria confirmed multiple individuals, which could be one of the first jackal families in the country. Yesterday there was more good news, this time from France. The NGO Ferus reports that over the last months, camera traps have photographed a golden jackal twice in France. The University of Geneva confirmed the identification, the NGO expects results from the ONCFS soon.

Swiss origin?

While the authorities do not reveal the exact location, the cameras photographed the jackals in the Chablais region. This region lies in the Western Alps, close to Switzerland. It is well possible that the individuals originated from Switzerland. There, people have recorded the jackals for the past years on multiple occasions. Currently, the golden jackal is not a protected species is France. However, it is not listed as game. Hunting golden jackals is therefore not possible. As jackals prefer warmer regions without much snow, it is only a matter of time before we will find jackals in other parts of France.

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