Waste management training!

Growing pressure from visitors

Many protected areas in Ukraine, as well as other countries, are dealing with tremendous pressure from growing numbers of visitors. Even now, in times of the corona pandemic, as people are encouraged to spend their holidays inside their own countries instead of abroad. Inappropriate behaviour of visitors causes damages to the natural ecosystems. One of the main concerns in many protected areas is in fact, how to deal with the waste that these visitors produce?

Plastic waste is causing challenges that have never been faced before to such extent, impacting the daily life of local inhabitants, the protected area management, and the flora and fauna on site. Incorrect disposal of plastic and other waste poses a serious threat to the environment. Therefore the European Wilderness Society and the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy are offering today a free online training session on this topic. This training course is part of a project that is co-financed by the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

How to tackle waste management

During our Waste Management training session, we discussed with a multi stakeholder group examples of different waste management systems for protected areas. By showing different examples from various countries, we were able to give recommendations to protected areas in Ukraine on how to lay the groundwork for effective waste management in their areas. Guest speaker Yulia Mykhaylenko is the chief specialist of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection. She presented in detail the Ukrainian legislation on waste management. She also presented the numerous activities that the State Protection Service of protected areas of Ukraine undertakes to combat this challenge.

Did you miss our previous training sessions?

No worries! The presentations of the previous training are available on the website of the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy. Have a look for example at our latest two training sessions on ‘Respect Nature’ and ‘Nature Interpretation’. In ‘Respect Nature‘ we dove into the 9 European principles that build upon the US system of Leave No Trace. Together with nearly 60 participants we talked about how to respectfully behave in nature, to minimise your own impact. During the fourth training on ‘Nature Interpretation’, we discussed this concept together with guest speaker Ms. Nataliia Gudkova from the State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management. We learned about how to transfer thematic, organised, relevant and enjoyable information that help people to interpet nature better.

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