Kalkalpen NP is ready for Wilderness assessment!

Kalkalpen National Park is well known even far beyond the austrian border, this is because of its excellent piece of Wilderness in the Alps. Last year in February Kalkalpen NP joined the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System as a candidate!

After a short desk assessment the area was awarded with the Gold Candidate Wilderness Diploma. The certificate confirmed that the Natural Landscapes in Kalkalpen NP is protecting 15,600 ha of Wilderness representing the best of Europe’s Wilderness heritage.

Last year, at the European Wilderness Academy, the representatives of Kalkalpen NP and European Wilderness Society (EWS) agreed that Wilderness of Kalkalpen NP will be subject of an international Wilderness assessment in spring 2015. The first step will be the Wilderness Quality Standard Workshop for the Kalkalpen NP Park managers and relevant stakeholders.

This agreement has an objective to shift from the Candidate status to the full membership and extend validity of the certificate for the next 5 years!

More information about Kalkalpen NP can be found here: http://www.kalkalpen.at/system/web/default.aspx and more information about international assessment can be found here: http://Wilderness-society.org/european-Wilderness-quality-standard/ or contact us.

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