Is pristine nature an illusion?

The article ‘Earth is not a garden‘ written by Brandon Keim is a provocative reading and raising many questions (and hopefully also answers)  in Europeans mind!

For example: Is recently revived the European Wilderness concept an outdated construct that didn’t actually exist? What do you think??

Or: Is European Wilderness movement just a short episode, which will be soon override by European conservationists focusing on particular species and giving up on Wilderness…?

Or: Is this ongoing European Wilderness movement something not relevant, not offering a perspective for Europe???

Or: Do you agree that framing humanity’s role as global gardening sounds harmless, even pleasant, but this idea contains a seed of industrial society’s fundamental flaw: an ethical vision in which only human interests matters?

And many more…

Interesting subjects and even more interesting can be various answer and opinions…

So enjoy reading!!!

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