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Are you studying and worried about the job hunt when you graduate? Are you looking for work right now, but are feeling a little lost, disillusioned or stuck? Do you want to protect Wilderness with your job, but are unsure how to start?  

These were questions answered during the ‘International Wilderness Week’, on the 20th of October 2020! Dr. Nick Askew, founder of the platform Conservation Careers, gave an exclusive talk about how to get a conservation job. He is a professional conservationist with over 20 years’ experience working across the academic, public, private, charity, and enterprise sectors.

The conservation sector is changing

Two important facts should encourage you to enter the conservation sector. First, the demand for qualified people increased significantly in the last two decades. And second, the sector is incredibly diverse. The typical image of a conservationist is somebody who works a lot outdoors, helping to protect endangered species. The rise of technology, however, has also enhanced the possibilities of conservation. Filmmaking, online communication, marketing, and computer-based science, amongst others, are essential to the success of environmental protection. Other interesting niches, including eco-tourism, environmental education, and project management have also transformed and offer new possibilities.

If somebody knows about the how to succeed in the conservation sector, then it is Dr. Nick Askew and his team of Conservation Careers.

I’ve raised over £2,500,000 for conservation projects across 120 countries, and helped thousands of people to find work. I’m also usually modest … but I want to inspire you that you can do it, and success in this sector is VERY possible!

Dr. Nick Askew
Founder of Conservation Careers

Details about the talk

During the talk, he discussed:

  • The Golden Rule which makes the difference between success and failure for starting or switching your career into conservation
  • The biggest mistakes people make in their conservation job hunt, and how you can avoid them
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions for people looking to get a conservation job.
  • Q&A to answer all outstanding questions from the audience

When? Tuesday, 20th of October at 13.30 CET

The talk was part of the International Wilderness Week 2020, a week that celebrated the diversity and importance of Wilderness around the globe. From Monday to Friday, we learnt about the history, the protection, the challenges, and the future of nature protection. If you want to work or are already working in conservation, this gave an insight into the diversity of projects and the initiatives available, as well as an opportunity to connect with like-minded people!

If you missed Nick’s talk, catch it here: Conservation Careers Advice- Nick Askew

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