Precision Conservation

If we treat agricultural pollution with a scalpel instead of a hatchet, we might have a fighting chance of cutting the flow of fertilizers into rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

This is shortly introduction of John Carey article in Precision Conservation. In this article John Carey described how researchers in US have begun to talk about a new approach, dubbed “precision conservation.”  The basic idea: identify from which farms—and exactly where on each farm—nutrient pollution is coming, and then figure out how to stop the flow. Simple isn’t it??? Surprise is that this is happening only now…!

Water quality is important bio-indicator

‘When Katie Songer started cold-calling farmers in Wisconsin’s Pleasant Valley in 2008, she was the messenger for an uncomfortable truth. It was just time when nutrient pollution from agriculture was choking rivers and lakes, causing harmful algal blooms and creating oxygen-free “dead” zones the size of small states along the nation’s coastline…’.

More about this eyes opening story read here:

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