Lets get Wild School classes visited Nationalpark Kalkalpen Wilderness camps

100 Children visited a Wilderness Camp

As the hugely successful “Lets Get Wildschool project  is coming to an end after almost three years, 100 children from different Austrian schools attended a multi-day Wilderness camp in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen. The Nationalpark Kalkalpen is a member of the European Wilderness Network.

The children learned how to make fire, build shelters in the forest, hike through the nature and spent many hours outside in the Wilderness. They were able to experience nature firsthand outside of their classrooms and really enjoyed it.

1 000 Children in 33 schools

The Wilderness camp is the culmination of a school project, in which the European Wilderness Educational Team, with the financial support of the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, visited 33 school classes with almost 1 000 children. During workshops the causes and impact of climate change, the differences between forests and Wilderness and the need for both, the return of the large carnivores and the challenging impact for livestock owners and the agricultural sector, and possible future green careers were presented to the attentive young pupils ages 11 to 18.. In particular, where Wilderness in Austria and Europe still exists fascinated the children.

Unique RAP songs about Wilderness and Nature

The children were challenged to develop, write and record a RAP Song and present them to the European Wilderness Society. The RAP songs were fun, exciting and reflected the love of this next generation for nature.

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