Erasmus+ Workshop: National Park Sumava

Today started the Erasmus+ workshop in Sumava National Park, CZ, organised by our partner organisation HNUTI DUHA. Within the National Park, we saw zones of different intervention regimes, observed impacts of bark beetle infestation on spruce forests, and different stages of regenerated forests after windfall, clear-cuts and bark beetle attacks. Further, we also hiked along parts of the 300 ha bird creek area threatened by logging activities in 2011, and saved through important manifestations as well as support from the public and international organisations.

We agreed on how crucial, continuous and clear communication is to inform the public, local and tourists visiting the area. Discussing natural cycles in the park, and the impacts non-intervention management has on the natural habitats. Hnuti DUHA keeps information within the National Park to explain the effects of bark beetle attacks, the role of dead wood and natural forest regeneration. Together with the French chapter of Mountain Wilderness and the Slovak WOLF Forest Protection Movement, we will over the next days explore local information and education activities and exchange and advance on our common Wilderness education activities.

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