Lynx killed by authorities in Switzerland

After being captured a few days ago, a young, underfed Lynx was killed by swiss authorities. The orphaned Lynx was from a litter born last spring and was fed by local citizens in a residential area, to which the Lynx regularly returned. The authorities were afraid that this feeding of the Lynx would have eventually led to a risk for humans.

The authorities claimed that it had no wild animal shelter where they could have fed and rewilded the Lynx.

On September 25th another Lynx was found shot dead in Schwellbrunn in the canton of Aargau. The Lynx just like the wolf are a protected species in Switzerland and the EU.

Swiss Newsportal reporting this incident

4 thoughts on “Lynx killed by authorities in Switzerland

  • Oh do the best hunting is from a couch in a warm living room. In fact this was Notvorrat hunting but a well planned massacre. The wolves were radiocollared and no one had to search for them. They were herded using 17 km flattery bands towards the rifles of the waiting hunters. The wolves were then thrown away like garbage into a pickup together with the beer cans. 180 versus one wolf pack… wow

  • “The authorities claimed they did not have a shelter”? My dears you could have made a few phone calls, and find a shelter instead of sitting on your asses.

  • Yes, this is a very sad story! But lets activate ourselves to let world know that we care about symbols of European wild nature!!!

  • Sad news, and a pretty poor response from a supposedly responsible and educated country. It seems we still have an uphill journey, if this is re best excuse the Swiss authorities can come up with. Tragic.

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