European Wilderness Society

Massive Denial of Service Attack

In case you were surprised or wondering why our website was offline, we were attacked by an unknown organization with a well organized DOS attack shutting down our server. The only solution was taking the website offline. We were also confronted with a blackmail attempt in which case the attack would have been stopped. As you can imagine we did not concede true to our motto that Wilderness is not for sale.

One of the next steps will be the purchase of a special hacker resistant server, but the costs for this are still prohibitive for us.

You can help us by inviting friends to visit our website and by promoting it. Every help is welcome to resist these blatant attacks on NGOs.

Thank you for your patience and lets hope this will not happen again in the near future. There are too many exciting news to miss out.

– Katrin is back from Sydney
– We visited a unique Wilderness in Germany
– The latest version of the European Wilderness Quality Standard is about to be released
– We are now an official UNEP partner
and much more….IMG_4354.JPG

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