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New business partner: travel agency CARPATICA, Slovakia

With great enjoyment I want to introduce our strong partner, supporter and Wilderness Advocate Mr. Tomáš Kaliský. His unique travel agency CARPATICA is strongly focusing on nature-based experience!

CARPATICA offers a wildlife watching and nature tours in Eastern Carpathians (Slovak-Poland). With CARPATICA you can experience the spectrum of activities also in High and Low Tatras, Veľká and Malá Fatra. The tours cover wide variety of activities ranging from bird watching in Eastern Slovakia to cross-country ski lessons in Tatras, from beaver watching tours in Poland and rare herbs and plants educational hikes to wildlife photography lessons.

CARPATICA means nature oriented tourism

The philosophy of CARPATICA is to contribute to protect and enlarge the Wilderness areas in Europe. The idea supports nature preservation through development of nature oriented “soft” tourism. CARPARTICA is an official partner of European Wilderness Society and AEVIS foundation. The common vision of these three entities is to contribute to the Wilderness conservation in Europe and establish new Wilderness areas.

Please also visit: CARPATICA

Experience from other continents shows that nature conservation, and particularly Wilderness conservation, can go hand in hand with business development of local and regional economy. Compared to a traditional approach, based on extractive uses such as grazing, forestry or mass tourism development, it brings even more profit.  This is we believe our contribution to the sustainable development.

Involve local communities

CARPATICA main goal is cooperation with the local community to create attractive wildlife tourism products. The most important precondition of our approach to Wilderness conservation is a pride of the local community to their Wilderness.

CARPATICA emphasizes the importance of developing clients’ relationship with the nature and particularly with Wilderness. Building the sensitivity to wild nature is much more worthy than developing tourism product based on intensive experiences very often damaging Wilderness and disturbing wildlife.

Our philosophy can be shortly described by quotes of famous American forester and conservationist Aldo Leopold who wrote already in the 1940s:

Recreational development is a job not of building roads into the lovely country, but of building receptivity into the still unlovely human mind.

Aldo Leopold

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