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New Webinar Series during Corona lockdown

The spread of the coronavirus disease is clearly a public health emergency, affecting many businesses all across the world. Apart from several socio-economic ramifications, education is also facing a big hit. In the times of constant information overload and emerging infodemics, reliable information is becoming more valuable than ever.

We have received many international requests to continue with our daily Wilderness and wildlife reporting from all over Europe. Therefore, we at the European Wilderness Society have decided to boost our online capacity and introduce regular Wilderness webinars to help our stranded Wilderness fans. We would like to take the chance to connect in the time of isolation and shift our focus from Ego to Nature.

Webinars on Wilderness

Would you like get a better understanding of Wilderness in Europe, but don’t know where to start? During our open webinars, starting in the beginning of April, we’ll introduce contemporary topics in Wilderness conservation in an interactive way, held by our Wilderness experts. The topics will follow the course structure of the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy. In response to the current outbreak, we have decided to make these courses freely available to all interested people, so that they can have access to Wilderness education at home. The 30 minute long free Webinars will cover topics like:

  • The history of Wilderness
  • The European Wilderness Standard and Certification System
  • Introduction to selected Wilderness Areas all across Europe
  • Wilderness and extractive uses
  • Wilderness Stewardship in practice
  • Tourism management in Wilderness Areas
  • and more

The webinars will be open for everyone and will offer an opportunity for each participant to interact with the speakers. For more information, visit the website of Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy.

Webinar preferred time!

We publish by this week a schedule of the planned Webinars and a registration form for you to sign up. Please let us know which time for the Webinar you prefer

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How to join?

Webinars will be open to everyone with an interest in Wilderness. Throughout the webinar sessions, participants will be able to join in with their own video camera, share examples from their countries and direct their questions to the speakers. Within the next days, we will announce the date and time of the first webinar session, based on the voting results.

Want to be informed about the upcoming webinar series? Check here and fill out the contact form with the message “Wilderness webinars” below to receive the latest updates!

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