European Wilderness Society

Wilderness workshops for schools in Austria

The European Wilderness Society has created a diverse program of workshops for schools in Austria for the summer semester 2022. The workshops are for free and we are visiting the schools with our nature experts. Schools can choose between indoor and outdoor workshops as well as excursions on exciting topics.

From butterflies to wolves

What is there to experience? Teachers can choose from a very diverse program. Kids can get to know butterflies and their habitats, and experience first-hand how an egg first becomes a caterpillar and then a butterfly. The 10 Austrian owl species can also be discovered with all senses based on their voices and their food leftovers (pellets of owls).

Why wild cats, wolves, lynxes & Co. return home and how living together is possible is part of an interactive workshop. How to move around in nature, how wildlife habitats need to be respected and what makes our native forests special will also be brought closer to the children. And they can learn what each of us can contribute to influence climate change positively.

Book workshops online!

The various workshops can easily be booked online with the desired date. It should also be stated how many students of which school level are taking part and whether the workshop should preferably take place indoors or outdoors. Excursions are also possible.

The entire program can be found here (in German) and teachers can directly register for one (or more) workshops.

Multilingual workshops

If required, our workshops are also available in several languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Italian and Spanish.

We are already looking forward to bring exciting wilderness experience hours closer to many kids in Austria!

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