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Norway about to kill 50% of their wolves

Despite many years of international protests, Norway still continues to ‘regulate’ its wolf population. For the upcoming winter season it does not look like it will change. The Regional Carnivore Committee for Innlandet og Oslo/Akershus now plans the removal of five wolf packs and pairs in the so-called ‘wolf zone’. In addition to the annual hunting quota of 12 individuals, it means that 44 wolves of the estimated 80 in Norway will not survive this winter.

A border-case situation

Norway is a special case when it comes to culling of wolves in Europe. As the country is not a Member of the European Union, it follows different legislation. Even psychologists have studied Norway is actually killing wolves. Yet, by actively regulating its wolf population with annual killing parades, it is setting an example for many wolf-opponents in other European countries. However, EU countries cannot easily kill wolves like Norway and Sweden. For this winter, the Norwegians plan to get rid of the packs and pairs in Hornmoen, Hernes, Kynna, Aurskog and Rømskog. The latter is on the border between Norway and Sweden. It therefore requires that the Norwegians coordinate the shooting with the Swedish authorities. The countries will announce their final joint decision on October 8th.

It is very likely that Sweden will allow Norway to kill these border-cases. Contrary to last year, Sweden allowed hunting of wolves to regulate the population this year. The main reason for that is because the population grew from approximately 300 to about 365 individuals. However, in the meantime the conservation status of wolves in Sweden was demoted from ‘vulnerable’ (VU) to ‘endangered’ (EN), according to the latest assessment of the Red List Species 2020.

Killing for the benefit of people?

According to one of the biggest animal welfare organisations in Norway, NOAH, it is very likely that at least the packs in Kynna and Aurskog will receive a green light. This includes 14 individuals and a few additional wandering wolves outside the ‘wolf zone’. The mean reason for removing these packs is to relieve the people from the pressure to live near wolves, so it is being said. In the meantime, WWF has filed a case against the culling at the Supreme Court. A decision on this will come only in February 2021, which is very likely too late for many wolves.

It is unlikely that the situation will change soon, as Norway further weakened the legal protection of wolves last year. Despite many international protest against wolf killing in Norway, the Norwegians do not seem to be willing to change. Fortunately the number of people is growing to try and change their mind. People all over the world protested last year at Norwegian embassies against the culling.

12 thoughts on “Norway about to kill 50% of their wolves

  • I did not know this.
    Why you Norwegians kill your wolf population??

    In the UK, they hunted the wolves down for some 400 yrs ago.
    And now, they have a huge beaver- and fox problem.

    Also, they have a dog problem:
    every year, some 15 000 sheep are killed by domestic dogs.

  • Stop the killing of the wildlife, they are a major credit to the ecosystem!!

  • Leave our wolfs alone all our wildlife should be protected

  • I can’t believe this is happening. Mankind is so selfish! The wolves can all come and live with me. I would gladly give these creatures a home.

  • Animals don’t know about ,borders ,population control and wrongs of killing livestock. They should have rights to roam ,Build up a healthy population. We can work around them, secure livestock, keep out of their territory unless authorised.They bring joy,freedom ,wonder and protect ecosystems necessary for us all.

  • Se want to protect the wolves! But the farmers and people who live near them want to kill them. And the government help them do so. Most Norwegians dissagre! Se nå er help!

  • Humans are selfish and foolish

  • Some of us is going in to the forest during the hunt and doing our best to protect the wolves.

  • Stop the killing. They will die out and be forever gone

  • Humans did not create animals. Therefor we can not kill it just beacuse we find them inoying or we get scared of them. We need to get education on how to live whit forrest animals in ower neighbourhood. We moved Into their habitat in the first Place.

  • How dare they kill. These beautiful creatures. The wolf population was almost desimated in Europe and now the Norwegians want to do the same. Disgraceful.

  • Wtf stupid people! Don’t kill wolves they are beautiful and good for nature.. Really mankind makes me sick

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