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Potential Prealpi Giulie Wilderness now officially in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

This summer, Wilderness experts from the European Wilderness Society visited the Prealpi Giulie Nature Park in Italy. It shares the borders with Triglav National Park in Slovenia, creating a huge potential for a transnational Wilderness in Europe. The initial visit resulted in a pleasant discovery of potential Wilderness in the Park. And now there is more good news! Last month, the park officially received the recognition of UNESCO and become a Biosphere Reserve.

UNESCO Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve

On June 20th, the Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme approved the application of Prealpi Giulia Nature Park and its 11 municipalities. The territory is now officially recognised as UNESCO Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve. The official label also serves as a recognition for the unique natural value of the area, as well as the local activities, administrations and associations that are dedicated to sustainability and education in the region. The entire World Network of Biosphere Reserves counts more than 700 designated sites in 124 countries.

The new Biosphere Reserve of more than 70 000 hectares displays three characteristic biogeographic regions: Alpine, Mediterranean and Illyrian. The meeting of these regions results in a unique mixing of biodiversity and habitats. The mosaic holds rocky slopes, forests, grasslands, meadows, valleys, rivers and mountain tops, altogether forming a home to many forms of wildlife. It is therefore an important corridor for nature and wildlife, connecting the Italian lowlands with higher alpine regions in Central and Southern Europe.

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