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Rebecca Hollely: our new European Volunteer

The European Wilderness Society will consider applications for two European Volunteers as part of the European Volunteer Service system. Our call at the end of 2017 resulted in more than 80 applicants and we are glad that Rebecca will be working with us for the next year as a volunteer, funded through the European Voluntary Service, and starting in June 2018.

A short introduction

I have nurtured a love for wildlife and the environment throughout my life and studies, and recently graduated from the University of Exeter with a MSc. Conservation and Biodiversity.

I care about nature protection, and connecting people to nature and each other, and I will always work to create positive changes in people’s lives and the environment. I’m happiest when working to protect nature, and I am very excited to be working with the European Wilderness Society; assisting with fieldwork, environmental education programmes and publications.

As an EVS volunteer I will also create my own project to promote Wilderness in Europe. I aim to draw on my previous experiences with science and literature festivals to combine Wilderness with arts, literature and storytelling. I look forward to reaching out with the Society to a wide variety of people across difference cultures and disciplines, to help people to get in touch with their Wild side, and to increase their awareness of conservation and Wilderness in Europe.

I am proud to be an advocate for Wilderness and looking forward to getting Wild!

Rebecca Wild Diary

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