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Svydovets updated report presented to the Carpathian Convention

European Wilderness Society took part in the 10th meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee.

Discussed issues

As usually, the progress of each Protocol of the Carpathian Convention implementation was a main discussion point of the event. This was followed by the Working Programme of the Carpathian Convention 2018 – 2020.

Moreover, participants received an update on the status of signatures and ratification of the Protocols. Beside that, the audience familiarized themselves with the specific projects running under Carpathian Convention umbrella, such as the Centralparks project.

Reporting system and Climate Change

Following the recommendation of the 9th Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee Meeting, the Secretariat prepared a note on the reporting system, which includes a reporting template for discussion.

Furthermore, a result of the discussions during the last meeting of the Working Group on Climate Change was the preparation of the paper on strengthening the mandate of this Working Group.

All relevant documents are available on the Carpathian Convention website.

Svydovets case update

Last year the Initiative Group “Free Svydovets” submitted to Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee an Appeal regarding the huge recreational complex called Svydovets, to be built in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

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It is very symbolic that this year the issue received attention in the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. Since Hungary was the first, who expressed an official concern about the potential harm of the Svydovets project. The Black Tisza starts in the area of the proposed ski resort. Since this river flows into the Danube, the effects are overarching.

One of the Free Svydovets Appeal -2019 Resolution´s point states that the issue of recreational complex “Svydovets” should be a topic on the Carpathian Convention Working Groups meetings. The reason behind is that this issue is closely related to the Climate Change, Biodiversity, Forest Management, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Protocols.

We will continue observing the proper implementation of this project.

Hryhorii Parchuk
Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine

The complete text of the Appeal on Syvdovets can be found below.

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