Swiss Pizol Glacier now buried and gone

The famous Swiss Pizol Glacier melted completely and officially to death. Last month there was a funeral march, hundreds of climate activists and climbers paid their last respect to Pizol and shared their concerns about the future of his glacier friends around. Because there is nothing left of the once proudly Pizol Glacier, just a few clumps of ice. After the 700-years old Okjökull glacier funeral, it is another terrifying burial of a glacier within a month.

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Watch out glaciers of Switzerland

Glaciers and lakes cover more than 6% of Switzerland. At the beginning of this century, at least 2000 glacier resided in Switzerland. An intensive monitoring of Pizol Glacier, implemented over more than 120 years, officially confirmed that the ice mass has disappeared. Shockingly, 80% of the Swiss glaciers are more or less the same size as the 2 700m high Pizol Glacier once was. Swiss researchers already calculated, that climate change will bring the death for half of their glaciers by 2050. Only reducing the greenhouse gases drastically and immediately can prevent worse.

It is like the dying of a good friend.

Matthias Huss
Hydrologist and glaciologist at ETH Zurich

The big melting starts everywhere

Now, another bad news circles around Italy concerning the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. Experts warned that a 27 000 cubic meter ice mass is currently moving at 60cm per day, which could break off in the next days. Additionally, 250 000 cubic metres of ice are breaking loose at half that speed from the Planpincieux glacier in the Mont Blanc Massif. Local authorities have restricted access to roads, and ice climbing huts are no longer open for public. Also the popular “Royal Route” in France, one of the mountain climbers’ favourites, was closed last year due to impact of mass tourism in nature as well as global warming.

Hohe Tauern Wilderness Audit Mission 2015 - © All rights reserved
Hohe Tauern Wilderness Audit Mission 2015 – © All rights reserved

What you can do to help the glaciers

Global warming is no longer a theory but a fact. Let us prevent the big glacier melting and join the global climate strike. Let’s keep the world wide climate crisis in check!

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