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Youth Green Conference 2019 kick-started!

We are looking back at an amazing first day of the Erasmus+ Youth Green Conference with about 80 participants! The first participants from Ukraine arrived already yesterday at the beautiful venue: Castle Finstergrün in Ramingstein. When also the Austrian participants arrived, the first day of the Youth Green Conference had many interesting presentations, activities and workshops. With such a great start of the conference, the next two days will for sure be a major success as well!

The Youth Green Conference is part of the Erasmus+ programme of Structured Dialogue, organised by the European Wilderness Society and our partner NGO FORZA from Ukraine.

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Discussing travels, environment and wildlife

The first day of the Youth Green Conference focused on several topics, including ways of sustainable transport, the environment and importance of wildlife.

The participants reflected on their mode of transport to the conference for example. They discussed together why it is better to travel as a group by bus, or even use the train, instead of cars.

Experts and special guests

Local experts of the Biosphere Reserve Lungau showed the kids how important it is for nature and people to have protected areas and Biosphere Reserves. The transnational projects BEECH POWER and Centralparks were presented, providing good examples for the kids about the importance of cooperations and how to tackle European issues on local, regional, national and international level. Furthermore, we talked about some of the most impressive wildlife species that we can find in Austria and Ukraine, such as the bear, lynx, wolf and golden jackal.

Also, we had special guests for a great workshop on the importance of very small wildlife: insects! Together with these insect-experts, the participants built their own insect hotels and learned a lot about the different insects and their behaviour.

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