Weather extremes versus climate overheating

The American President Donald Trump is not a fan of Earth’s nature, we all know that. That our climate is changing due to human impact, has been denied by him and a lot of other influential people in the American federal system. This week, America takes one step further in their fight against Mother Nature.

It is reported by The Guardian that the US federal department has sent emails to the Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service concerning climate change. The email contains instructions for the staff member to avoid using words as ‘climate change’. From now on, staff members are ought to use ‘weather extremes’, when talking about the way our climate in changing. And it does not stop there, words as ‘climate change adaptation’, ‘reduce greenhouse gasses’ and ‘sequester carbon’ are no longer encouraged to be used, indicates Trump’s federal department. This form of censorship is one of his many action to support his denial of climate change.

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If it is not climate change, what then?

Well, as a response the European Wilderness Society will call it for what it really is: climate overheating.

The word ‘change’ does not cover what is going on with our climate. People don’t like ‘change’, but we can live through a dry summer and wet winter. If that is what ‘climate change’ is, people will not be concerned about it. And that is exactly happening right now!

Our climate is overheating, it is dangerous and will have catastrophic effects on our planet as we know it. And the scariest part is, it is already happening. The rising temperatures let the snow and ice disappear from our mountaintops, our glaciers are retreating rapidly. The rocks and ground underneath become unstable and the results can be destroying. Even this week, the Salzburg province dealt with extreme rain showers. North and east of the Lungau, mudslides came down the mountains and blocked roads that cut off multiple villages.

Climate overheating is not something you can agree with or not. It is happening, and it is happing right at our doorstep.


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