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WILDArtist Henk Kuipers photographed Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness

Henk Kuipers is a Dutch Photographer and Artist participating in the European Areas of Inspiration. Liset van Dommelen is an Artist who has specialised in printing dead animals and more recently trees.

He works in theatres, and has been a successful photographer for many years. Next summer, he will show the nature of Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness in Germany. He will also capture the Czech Podyji Wilderness and Dyje WILDRiver for the European Wilderness Society.

His wife Liset van Dommelen also participates in the WildArt Plein Air event. She is specialised in other forms of art, especially making prints with natural ink. With her eye for detail and textures, Liset is able to capture unique local characteristics in a nature-friendly way.

This year both will participate in the upcoming art project WildArt Plein Air in Synevyr Wilderness, Ukraine.

First impressions

Here are some of their first impressions from the unique Königsbrücker Wilderness, an area which almost 30 years ago was a heavily used military training area by the Prussians, Germans and then the Russians.

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